Nojima Scuola – businesses run in empty school, Awajishima

At the north west side of Awajishima there is an old elementary school that has been repurposed with various cafe’s, restaurants and shops. Its really nice and evidently lots of people make the effort to come to it. The views look out to the sea and have this mountain behind.  _DSF9683



Inside is a shop with slightly expensive local produce.


The 3rd floor BBQ terrace.




Its a shame they cant put the car park somewhere else. over to the right there, under the trees are some animals.


Animals with really funny haircuts.


goats, and im not sure what this is.


shutter art.


Down the hill and right on the sea front is ‘Miele’ the honey themed restaurant.


Miele also looks popular and they are building an exension to their terrace.


varieties of honey.


menu is sandwhiches, pizza, burgers, rice bowls (‘donburi’)




Pizza was pretty good. 



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