Awaji Beach Yoga 2018 T-shirts Commission

We made T-Shirts for the staff of Awaji Beach Yoga 2018!

This year there are four days of beach yoga: May 5th and 19th and September 8th and 22nd.  Last year was mainly just the sunset yoga class but this year each time is a whole day of specialist classes with all different instructors or themes like ‘bring your dog’ or slacklining.

The website:

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Here’s a bit about the process of how we made these t-shirts.

  1. We dipped them many times (about 8, I think) in a slightly weak vat of indigo to make the gradient/ombre effect for the ‘sky’ (top half of the t-shirt).  As you can see, while they are wet they appear a lot darker then the final colour.

2. Once they were dry we turned them upside down and dipped them on their hangers to get the horizon/sea . It’s quite difficult to get a straight dark line.


3. I hand-cut a stencil.

4. I pushed a kind of bleach mixture through the stencil to form the letters. Kind of like a screen print.

We gave the T-shirts to the organiser at their volunteer welcome picnic.




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