Big Mosaic Flower Pot

mosaic mosaic

We decorated two big pots for our 2 not-very-healthy olive trees, which kept blowing over in the wind.

we used a combination of big colourful bathroom tiles, broken plates and small glass tiles (from the 100 yen  shop)

we smashed them up with a mallet or clipped them with some tile nippers

Inspiration from Gaudi of course, as well as someone else who was inspired by him, Niki De Saint Phalle. We went to her amazing Tarot Garden (Giardano dei terrocchi) just north of Rome, Italy, in 2014 and since then I really wanted to make some colourful mosaic something. (and my own art theme park, but i might have to wait a bit longer for that)


Yellow masks by Junichimosaic_DSF1273

Octopus/roots/flower by sallymosaic_DSF0967_DSF0976_DSF0997




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