Shibori Natural Indigo Dye Baby Bandana Bibs

I made some new bibs. They are triangle neckerchief style.

They will be available in our etsy shop for international customers or at for customers based in Japan.

These are 100% cotton, double gauze. The double gauze is nice and absorbent for all that baby dribble. Hands up who else has a soggy baby? It can also help with sweat rash if you happen to live in a stupidly muggy place (Japan). Just put a fresh one on once it gets damp. Another benefit of the gauze is it a woven fabric that stretches when pulled on the diagonal. That means it has give around the baby’s neck.

I made two designs. The first is baby blue with rich deep indigo zebra stripes. Lets call it ‘baby blue zebra’.

Design number 2 has some ‘hotaru’ firefly circles and some experimental stitch resist parts.  It’s dyed with a slight gradient from dark to mid-blue.

So here is our model (aged 1 year and 2 months) just learning to walk.

As you can see he’s quite pleased with himself about that.

A small plastic popper for easy putting on and taking off.

And here is the firefly design. I think it looks very stylish. They work great with plain white clothes or matched up with more indigo (of course!) . It would also be cute to wear with a mum who had a matching scarf..




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