Making Hoshigaki – Dried Persimmon

  • 2015/10/28
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We have two kaki (persimmon) trees in our back yard. They are the astringent kind of kaki that you can’t eat raw. If you try it’s a horrible sensation in your mouth of all the moisture being sucked out and you can’t get rid of the feeling for a while. I don’t know about cooking them, but the traditional way to eat them in Japan is to hang them out to dry and massage them under the eaves of your house. Then they are supposed to become a delicious delicacy like a fine medjool date. Let’s see what I get!


The skin is quite tough so the first step is peeling them. Then hanging them up by the little crossbar of twig that you leave at the top. One of our kaki trees has quite small fruit so they’re going to be tiny once they are dried.


After about a week it started to look like this.


After a couple of weeks? Now the hoshigaki is almost ready to eat? I have been massaging them intermittently. Its supposed to let the sugar come to the surface and it should have a white crystally coating. It hasn’t happened to these, so not sure what I missed, or maybe its the type of kaki that I have?

Anyway, I tried one and it tasted pretty good to me! I like all dried fruit though.




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