New Clean White Plaster Walls

  • 2018/02/05
  • category: DIY

It’s 2 and a half years since we moved into this house. At the time, our landlady said we are free to make the walls white if she doesn’t have to pay.

…and we finally got round to doing it! Previously the walls were flocked (flecked?) with a strange, once fashionable, glittery, dirty looking surface that you can’t just paint over.

The process took us about 7 days in total over about 3 weeks to complete our largest room (size about 16 tatami mats).

here are the 7 steps:

  1. Mask everything and spray the walls with water
  2. Scrape off all the glittery coating
  3. Paint with “guard sealer”, let it dry completely
  4. Mix the plaster (‘shikkui’) and let it sit over night
  5. Plaster first coat
  6. Add water to plaster for second coat slightly runnier and do second coat.
  7. Remove masking/tidy up!

The walls are definitely NOT perfectly smooth, but from a distance they look clean and white and I’m delighted. And I have new awe and respect for talented plasterers who can do it smoothly!

Step 1. spray

Step 2: scrape . We had binbags full of this fluffy glitter by the end.

A well scraped wall with a few dents (to be filled with plaster)

guard sealer

blending the plaster and water with a drill mixer thingy.

First attempt at plastering. We got a lot better by the end!

a finished bit!

  • category: DIY




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