Junk and Thrift Store on Awaji Island

We found a really massive junk store near where we live. Its called Kitahama Sangyou (kitahama industries) Its got masses and masses of space, which surprised me as space is so expensive in Japan. Spanning across a couple of warehouses/buildings, we didn’t even go to the 2nd floor. It has lots of industrial equipment and old fashioned farming goods and machinary. It has second hand furniture, toys, household goods. Gardening stuff like flower pots, outdoor furniture. Everything very RETRO

In Minami-Awaji city, and Sumoto city, there are a couple of other ‘recycle shops’ such as 2nd street and one in the ‘paruti’ mall. They sell (clean and new) furniture, electronics and brand goods. Kitahama, however, has all the dusty/ rusty  old stuff… the interesting stuff. Kitahama does have electronics too, ancient stuff and a couple of newish tvs that look really out of place.

If you needed an old fashioned telephone or a VHS player, I’d try here.

I think this shop would be really useful to find props or set up an old-style house for television or movies. As well as farming and industrial stuff, they have tons of old wooden furniture, and lots of ceramics, dishes, vases etc.

Good baskets!

They had a few bits of clothes and shoes… I was hoping to find some boro gems (old style, darned, indigoed traditional Japanese clothing)… alas not this time, but Im gonna come back again to look for it when my child isn’t whining. In the mean time, please enjoy these silver, basketed wedge loafers. If only they weren’t 4 sizes too small!

They had nice coffee tables, cabinets, dressers, drawers. Its really affordable too.

As you can see its kind of in the middle of nowhere, some farming buildings, a few homes and onion fields around. Its only 10 minutes drive away from the Seidan highway exit, so you could come from Kobe, or Tokushima. You definately need a car to visit!

59-1 Matsuhokitahama, Minamiawaji, Hyōgo Prefecture 656-0305

tel: 0799-36-3336



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