Mountain Campsite Gakujin No Mori in Tokushima


We went to a great campsite called Gakusjin no Mori in Tokushima prefecture, Shikoku. The site is at 1000m above sea level and has a private botanical garden/ crazy mossy forest/plant selection that is great for walking around and taking pictures.

There is loads of space and it’s grassy! (some Japanese campsites are gravel!)

We had a private space on the friday night. On saturday we shared with 2 other groups.


You are allowed to make a bonfire (unusual in Japanese campsites)

During the day in the sun it got pretty hot out on the plain. When you went in the forest it was cooler. The nights were also refreshingly cool (but plenty of insects). I think this spot is a good escape from Japanese sweaty humid hot summer.



The botanical garden/ surrounding forest was really magical to walk around.


There is a plant called Himeshaga which is a kind of forest-dwelling lilac iris. It flowers in May at this campsite. (under the trees, like bluebells?)

In November the trees turn yellow (autumn colour) and its supposed to be really beautiful ( we saw some pics) .


There are absolutely tons of Rhododendrons too, I think they flower in May too. I want to go back and visit in every season!

There were some really dramatic giant mossy rocks.

A beautiful and unusual mountain path.

Oh yeah the even the bark was fun!



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