Walking in the village in mountain, Yusuhara-cho

We are traveling around Shikoku island to look for a place to live and think about opening some kind of cafe, garden, art space, who knows? Some places in Shikoku have good deals on renting or buying houses with plenty of space. Some local governments are actively trying to promote their area to young people with flashy brochures and schemes. So we are taking a look and doing some WWOOFing along the way.

Our exploration starts with Yusuhara-cho in Kochi. We drove from Kobe over 2 days but If you went direct it might take about five hours by car.

Yusuhara is located in the south west of Shikoku island. The population is less than 4,000 people. This town is surrounded by mountains and has various rivers running through it. People in this village drink water from the mountain which tastes very good.



This is “Koinobori”.


This is a river. You can spot lots of fish, water skaters, dragon flies, frogs and sometime snakes!


lots of Lizards live in the rice fields and the surrounding irrigation channels.


This tree has been alive over a thousand years, apparently.




There are a couple of  local shrines.



The older ladies of the town play gate ball every afternoon at the local pitch. They say hello to us.


Nice river and mountain. This is a reservoir behind a dam.



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