Canvas Bags Indigo Dye Kids Workshop

We did an indigo workshop with some local kids.

They all study at the after-school school in Ama called ‘Sora no Uta’ where I also do children’s English conversation classes.

They usually study maths, calligraphy and the like but today was their ‘summer fun day’ with sports and crafts.

We showed them various examples and let them choose a method to tie up their little canvas bags.

Some kids used jam jar lids to make polka dots. Others tried crumpling or tying marbles to make circles.

The boy (above right) made a fantastic zebra stripe bag by sewing the bag to a plastic bottle and squashing it down in stripey crumples.

The location was at ‘the national youth friendship house’ which is also based in Ama, Minami Awaji city.

Sora no uta website: 

national awaji youth friendship center:




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