Up-Cycling Summer Dress with Batik and Indigo Dye

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This is a popular phrase in the UK.

I don’t like to throw away to landfill. It’s a waste of the Earth’s resources. Commercial recycling should also be a last resort.

REDUCE – I try to buy less, live a simple life.

REUSE – I buy 2nd hand. I share with my friends (clothes swap). I wear clothes to the very end, but I also think clothes should be fun and make you feel good. So sometimes they need adjustment!

in that case : UPCYCLE your clothes!


This was a favourite summer dress of mine. I’ve had it and worn it for at least 10 years. But when I got it out this year it seemed too faded and I was bored of it so I decided to do some  reviving.

First I gave it one dip in an indigo vat to make it all light blue. The coffee bean pattern was still visible and the colour is slightly greenish on account of the greyellowish base.

Once it was dry I painted leaf patterns on with melted batik wax. (And our beautician’s wax melter)

I then dyed it for 3 more dips to make it dark blue and scrubbed off the wax with very hot water.

batik dress




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