Shaved Ice Kakigori Indigo Batik Flag

We made a great big kakigori  sign for a local business – Ama Terrasse.

Kakigori is a summer tradition in Japan, a big mountain of shaved ice with syrups and other delicious toppings. A sweet treat to keep you cool. The sign is always the kanji for ICE, and often accompanied by splashy waves. Its often red white and blue to grab the eye,  but ours is just blue and white.


we wanted two shades of blue so we had to dye and wax it twice.



Here it is fully dyed but the wax is still on, and slightly shiny.


wax off.

In location on a busy summer Saturday lunch time!



Ama Terrase use ice like this to make their kakigori. For optimum fluffiness you have to let it stand at room temperature for a bit before you start shaving, apparently.

Their kakigori is big as a mountain and you can choose from tons of flavours! There is a ball of vanilla ice cream in the middle too.

Totally recommend it for a treat on a hot summers day!

At first they put up the flag indoors but now its out by the front door! looks great 🙂




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