Indigo Dyed Duvet Cover

As a warm up for an even bigger indigo dyeing project we decided to try out some techniques on a white duvet cover. I wanted to develop my skills from previous attempts, particularly to get clearer lines between the blue and white, and to get a really deep blue colour. I also wanted to be more regimented with my patterns so I measured and marked out in pencil first. This is especially important as when you start tying the fabric becomes rumpled and you cant see how far apart things are/if they are in a straight line.


This is some folding, pegging and tying with rubber bands.


We made up the indigo in from a kit and stirred gently with a stick. We put in more water than instructed because it didn’t seem that the sheet would all fit in at once. I think it was fine.

藍染め液 準備

Before you dye the fabric it’s important to soak the it in water to get an even colour.


You are supposed to lower the fabric in slowly and not let any bubbles of air in but that was impossible, as out bucket of dye was so small, and the cloth pretty heavy and full of complicated bits.


When it comes out at first its a beautiful green colour, before the oxygen gets in there. 藍染め

After each dip the green turns to indigo blue as it touches oxygen. (about 15minutes). I spent the time fiddling out each fold to make sure all the green got turned to blue.


Going back in the bucket for progressively darker blue. Each time it comes out darker green.  I think we did 4 dips in total.


The most exciting bit is revealing the patterns by unclamping, untying etc.


Giving the sheet a power shower to rinse off the indigo. I thought we’d done pretty well to make it this dark blue, but the final dry version is still quite a lot lighter. Next time even more dips!


Final dry cover.




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