Making Wool Yarn on WWOOFing Farm

At Yura no Mori WWOOFing farm they have a wonderful weaving studio and 3 sheep. They make silk and wool yarn to use to make bespoke woven fabric. From worm and sheep to fibre.  I helped in one stage of the process to make some fleece ready for spinning. (I also had a go at that, and was pretty hopeless). The wool had been washed already, i’m not sure about that process, but the wool was still pretty greasy and smelt sheepey!P6093537

The first stage was to pick out hundreds of tiny seeds and detritus cleverly designed by evolution to stay thoroughly stuck in the fluff. Then we separated the wool into its natural lengths of about 8cm and lined them up ready to go through the carding roller. 羊毛

You roll it like a mangle and it brings the fleece together like carding. When you’ve put lots and lots in you can lift off the whole thing and it will be beautifully ready for spinning into thread. P6093535Here is some fleece ready to spin. P6093536




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