Weaving Workshop and Ai Aii shop at Ama Terrasse “The Party”

Ama Terrasse is a new cafe and hotel near our home. We made a ‘noren’ for them and they invited us to their event at the weekend. There was food and a DJ, you could get a massage or try various workshops such as making bouquets, aromatherapy or custom made jewellery.

ama terrasse weave dye shop

We did a weaving workshop with a simple paper plate tapestry or backstrap weaving. We also brought a small selection of Ai Aii goods to sell.

family weaving

Some kids are trying paper plate tapestry weaving with their parents.

7 year old paper plate weaving

This is a small weaving on a paper plate by a seven year old boy.

backstrap weaving

A lady tries backstrap weaving for the first time. She is thinking of using it in her accessories that she makes. She wants to learn more so we arranged to meet up for further weaving.

I’m getting the loom ready with help from my little boy. I brought my four-shaft table loom that people could have a go on. Some adults tried it and lots of kids, sometimes working in a team, each child doing a different ‘job’ eg move the heddles or push the weft thread through the shed.

children weaving

In the foreground is a little toy loom.




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