Awa Paper Factory in Tokushima Prefecture

We visited Awagami factory in Tokushima Prefecture.

They make beautiful traditional Japanese handmade paper (washi). The paper has various uses including traditional japanese kites, (often square shaped) like this one below.  They have a shop selling paper and beautiful paper goods, an exhibition space upstairs and run various levels of workshops. You can also observe the  highly skilled artisans working on paper works in the main room.

They also combine the other local art of indigo to make indigo paper.

Indigo screen in the upstairs display area.

These three twigs are the three different plants they use to make paper, they have various qualities and costs. Gampi, mitsumata and kozo.

Junichi cleverly spotted this is a Mitsumoto bush outside the factory. It always branches into three twigs, that’s why it has the number 3 in its name.

We did a handmade paper postcard workshop, using kozo. It only costs 170yen! This is the pulp floating in water.

You place coloured pulp over your white pulp to form an image or texture. There are various ways to do it.


The postcard pulp is then turned out, squeezed and dried on a hot plate.



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