Juchi Pottery Workshop in Awajishima

We visited Juchi pottery workshop to try our hands and throwing some pots/making ceramics.

We have tried their painting workshop a couple of times but this was our first making from clay.

Jun-sensei is a very kind and knowledgeable teacher!

電動ろくろ 電動ろくろ マグカップ マグカップ 陶芸体験

As well as throwing something round, I wanted to make a butter dish for our house, as it’s something you can’t get here.


Jun had prepared these beautiful slabs of clay for me so I just had to measure and cut out the base and sides of the box and then fix them all together.

They are fixed together by scratching the edges, painting on some gloopy clay and then holding together. Then there was a further stage of pushing into the corners with a rounded tool and filling it in with a long thin sausage of clay.


For the handle on the top I was going to make something small and simple but I decided an oversized rabbit was more appropriate. Can’t wait to see them once they are fired!

うさぎ バターディッシュ バターディッシュ




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