Camping by Kazurabashi Rope Bridge in Tokushima

There are 3 rope/vine bridges in Tokushima, Iya valley. We tried to book a camping spot by the famous one, but it was full up (over Obon holiday, busy time of year). The two other rope bridges also have a campsite and when we called they said ‘you dont need a reservation’. So off we went. When we got there we found out why you don’t need to book! It’s very far from the car park. Not only far, but down a mountain and across the river. It was also really beautiful and highly recommended!
・At 1000m above sea level, it was lovely and cool. (mid august) we could use light sleeping bags and not get too sweaty during the day.
・The trees and moss around were gorgeous. There were 2 hiking paths that we couldnt get very far down because of our little kids, but they looked really well maintained and I’d like to go back when the kids are bigger!
・You can play and swim in the river. The water was really cold and clear.
・For some reason there were hardly any insects.

・It was cheap

・Because the roads and cars are so far away you feel really enveloped in nature

・There is a clean and convenient compost toilet but no shower facilities.

We went to a lovely nearby (15min in car) onsen both days. only 500yen

You have to carry all your equipment/luggage accross the river, you can either use the hand-pulled ‘cable car’ or walk across the rope bridge (which i found quite scary but got used to by the end) I recommend you take minimal luggage!!! you need to climb down a lot of stairs to get to the bridge. the luggage can be strapped into a little cart with a little engine and go down to meet you at the bottom.





This is the larger /higher of the 2 rope bridges you can use to cross the river (reinforced with metal cables)



You can see a little waterfall.


really cold but beautiful swimming experience!



We did BBQ and fireworks and bonfire 🙂


On the way to the onsen you drive through a village full of encredibly creepy scarecrows. They are everywhere, lurking in and out of buildings. especially creepy at night, and considering the population of real live people around there is in deep decline.




these pictures from the hiking path that runs from the campsite.





near the campsite is ochiai village. It is set into steep mountainside. There were a few tourists there and a popular cafe that does breakfast and lunch called nakochi life share cottage. (oshare cafe)

なこちLife Share Cottage



they sell deer meat. and other delicious things. i think they had english in their menu too.



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