Visiting Indigo Exhibitions in Tokushima

We visited two exhibitions next to the Tokushima indigo museum from two different indigo crews/factories/artisans/studios (i dont how to describe them?!) places where people dye stuff, anyway.

Sorry for my rubbishy phone pictures.

The first one was held in this really cool old building of an indigo merchant from days gone by.  They had kimonos and gowns. Also impressive noren, wall hangings and a selection of smaller stuff for sale like clothes and accessories.

The lady explained that the different ‘factories’ used to keep their processes and recipes secret but recently realised that their art will dye out unless they share the information. They are doing more education stuff these days.

Above is the poster for the show.

This other show was in the Okumura shop next to the museum. They didnt allow pictures. We’ve been to their factory before, they have some bonkers stuff.



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