Shibori Experience in Furusho Indigo Dyeing Factory

We met parson from Furusho indigo dyeing factory in Tokushima creators market. She said we can come to her dyeing factory and look around. We visited there and experienced shibori dyeing.

They use totally natural indigo and natural ingredients such as wood ash and black sugar etc to make indigo dye. This is traditional way to make indigo without chemicals.

We tried shibori with handkerchief.



We dipped into dye once, it came out brownish blue.




Then, we washed them in the water. Brownish blue turn into beautiful indigo color!

They dye couple of more times, so they send them to our address after finish all process.




These are the one we have done! Indigo blue is very deep and beautiful. I think it’s really nice color.

They accept people who wants to look their factory or experience indigo dye.
Just call them up and book appointment.