Free-range eggs on Awaji Island Shimanowa

We have an amazing organic free-range egg farm in Sumoto called shimanowa farm.  Its a family and their name is Misaki. They have 23 of these beautiful beautiful chickens. To understand how great they are you have to first understand how bad most eggs are in Japan. They are very cheap, and I dread to think what conditions they are living in, what feed they are eating, etc. Japan doesn’t seem to make enough eggs to meet demand so import eggs and ‘egg products’ from places like USA and Brazil. They also export eggs to places like Hong Kong. I’m really glad I can support Shimanowa farm and eat their delicious local eggs. Food miles are important to me and it’s easy to shop with that in mind on Awaji Island.

These chickens eat 100% Japanese feed, including all kinds of ingredients.

Demand for these top range eggs are not so high around here so they often go over the bridge to the cities of Kobe and Osaka.

I recommend you visit the chickens in person, but if that isn’t possible you can also get these eggs and other vegetables online at pocket marche 

I’ve lived in Japan for about 8 years but I still don’t really want to eat raw egg on rice “tamago kake gohan” (TKG for short)

So I prefer a nice sunnyside up fried egg with crispy edges, YUM!


Felt a rush of nostalgia for a nice cardboard egg box when I got this! (Standard in UK but japan usually use clear plastic) . They are happy to refill your same box too for next time.

Oh look he’s putting all his eggs in one basket! but don’t worry, he also grows vegetables… like this rapeseed flower (eaten whole)

and this other pretty purple and yellow flower + stem called kousaitai


Misaki-san has also been working on deer meat recipes and promotion on Awaji Island



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