Tokushima Indigo Dyeing Experience


Tokushima is a place in Shikoku about an hours drive from where we live where they have a tradition of natural Indigo Dyeing.

The main attraction in the indigo dyeing museum is a ‘dyeing experience’ which is very popular, simple and affordable, so lots of people do it.

Aside from the experience bit they have some great dioramas (dye-o-rama) catalogueing the history of the old indigo industry from field to production to sales. There are two rooms of samples of dyed fabric, but I’ve seen better. There is also an old house of a indigo merchant, which you can walk around.

indigo wax

As Ive tried many kinds of shibori (tie dye) i had a go at the wax resist (batik) . They have these special wax heaters, which i want to invest in! I know they are basically the same as the ones beauticians use to heat leg wax, so Im gonna get one.

You paint on with the hot wax. its difficult to do detailed work so i went for abstract swooshes. get some nice brush stroke effects. dyeing The staff help you with the dyeing , dipping in the indigo vats with the help of a 1 minute egg timer. I got the impression that most people who visit enjoy it but arent particularly interested in textiles, the staff were a bit taken aback about my questions on the technicalities. _SDI3751

The wax was scrubbed off with boiling water. down the drain. when ive done it in the past (at school) we ironed it off onto newsprint paper. dyeing  There were large groups and families taking part in the experience. Most people choose the handkercheif option which is pretty cheap (500 yen?)

below:  handkercheif worn as headband



Below are some of the dioramas

dyeorama dyeorama


a beautiful kimono on display at the museum

indigo kimono indigo quilt




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